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About Mike Guido

     Mike Guido is a young songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona with a passion for storytelling. He frequently writes in the genres of Folk, Indie, and Pop and often bridges the distance between them to create unique soundscapes with expansive and novel lyrics. He primarily writes on guitar or piano but often layers his songs with a broad expanse of vocal harmonies and synths. When he's not composing his own songs, he focuses much of his efforts on collaboration, organization, and education. As the president of the Berklee Songwriters Club for over three years, Mike Guido organized a variety of concerts, interviews, and directed hundreds of weekly meetings and feedback sessions with his peers. The communication skills he learned aid him in all aspects of his collaborative efforts, whether directing a music video or premiering digital concerts.

     A recent Berklee Alum, Mike Guido is working as a songwriter for hire while maintaining a busy release schedule of his own projects. The first of which is already released on Spotify and Apple Music, his debut EP, Chaseaway. His second album, Parasocial Creatures is in production and is likely to release in 4th quarter 2022. He is also actively cowriting on his friends' projects and voice acting. He aspires to emulate and even to collaborate with musicians such as Paul Simon, Anderson .Paak, Jacob Collier, James Bay, Hippo Campus, Mini Mansions, MGMT, and too many others to name.

     His other interests include voice acting, scriptwriting, and music theater. Music is his first love but the other art forms music inhabits are just as vibrant and wonderful worlds to explore. Guido cites one of his inspirations as the city he grew up in, Phoenix, AZ. He shares how oppressive and isolating the summers were as a child and how that drove him inside to the living room where his family circled the TV and were transported. His own music seeks to replicate that feeling of unbridled imagination that can spirit you away from reality. A guiding principle he attests to is the truth that there is nothing more absorbing than a good story and nothing more exhilarating than sharing it.

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