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Origins: Chaseaway

Lyrical Influences



Inspired by a line in the book "Kafka on the Shore," the song Labyrinth is written as an affirmation to a friend. In the book, the word Labyrinth supposedly has its origin in the Mesopotamian word for, "the entrails of a pig, used for divination." It becomes this beautiful etymological metaphor; everyone must solve the labyrinth around you and within you. I reflect this idea with the concrete maze of the skyway above their heads: life choices, roads. And the dark inner cave they rest in and find solace.

Random Objects

Barn Burning

Inspired by the song "Let's Burn Down the Cornfield" by Randy Newman. I remember showing my song to my professor, Pat Pattison and he asked me "is it a literal barn they're burning?" and when I said yes, he just asked, "but that's not a very nice thing to do." I love how it seemed to bother him, the anachronistic effect of two young lovers expressing their passion but also being destructive and morally compromised. It's a selfish side of freedom that I think deserves a place in the world.

Abstract Triangles Album Cover

Traveling Light

Being from Phoenix, Arizona there's nothing more liberating than owning a car. The wide, barren city streets give this isolating, deserted feeling to the city, like we're avoiding each other. Ironically, fleeing the population is the quickest way to rekindle a human connection. I wanted to share that in the road trip visuals and that feeling when you break the orbit of civilization. It's like there's no night and day and you can just "wait for the moon to pass."

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